19 August 2009

Channel 9 GO!

There's a new digital TV channel (channel 9/2) - GO!
And guess what?! No captions have I seen on their broadcasts. Wouldn't you think after last year's shenanigans they might have not launched something half-baked?

Feel like complaining?
Link - http://www.mediaaccess.org.au/complaints/
Do it long, do it loud!

While you're there check out captioned-cinema times, now at Palace Verona!


  1. Is that about in Australia?

  2. Yep I should have mentioned than it is in Australia, Sydney if it makes a difference.

    Further to that remark, no response was received from Channel Nine, but I understand that TV channels are allowed to broadcast programs without captions if they were originally broadcast without them and various other cop-outs.

    Two shows I was mostly interested in
    • Seinfeld, still one of the most popular in the world
    • Survivor, produced within the last few years

    These two high profile programs don't get captions because of the loophole provided by flawed legislation.

    Have a look at
    This link

    Keep complaining please!