24 February 2011

100 Pushups

I need to build stamina and strength. The treatment has left me without energy and resilience. Even now 8.5 years after treatment. I have no balance and [I think] a bit more fitness might help me around that loss.

Then I came across 100pushups [http://hundredpushups.com/]. I started with 5 - I didnt even think I'd do that and I'm now on Week 3! The goal is 100 pushups and it takes 6 weeks of the program to get to the 100. It's a bit difficult [so far] but I expected it to be.

You can even record your progress on another website "pushups logger" and Facebook, if you want to.

Last session I did 46 total!! Unbelievable!!

More outstanding results as they come to hand.