26 January 2010

Still waiting

Well here we are on National Straya, snag on the barbie day and no appointment.

To console me in my moment of nationalistic jingo, the higgledy-piggledy birds have been chortling their merry tunes out all morning. It is fitting that they might also be called Butcher Birds with their little blue-and-white-striped aprons.

Suppose we'll have to chuck another snag on the barbie, call everyone "mate", wear our hats with corks and discuss detention centres just to show how truly bluey we are around here, mate. And lubricated with ample quantities of VB. One's my limit.

"Strayans all are ostriches..." Sing it, mate! 

12 January 2010

Swimming at Victoria Park

Still splishing and a'splashing at Victoria Park.
Thought I'd better check Google Maps and hey presto - I can see something there in the slow lane. It could be me, if they've done an update recently.
Today back to ten laps swimming and 4 laps walking.

I figure the best time is about 8:30 AM - the pre-work swimmers have left for work and the mothers' clubbers, having despatched hubbie to the coalface, have yet to finish their lattes. And the filter has been on all night to dredge out yesterday's bandaids and other unmentionable artefacts. Ugh! Gives me an hour or so...

Victoria Park from space

11 January 2010

What's Happening?

At this stage, who knows.

Today I received a letter from a doctor I've never been to advising that an appointment has been made for me.

Seems strange and a bit bewildering that I can't get a reasonable answer to my request for info, but I'm approached by a perfect stranger offering to operate on me with little/no history.

Of course I can't speak to anyone - Xmas holidays.


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08 January 2010

Have your say about Disability Rights

Here's another questionnaire

Go to Australian Shadow Report then Shadow Report Survey to complete the questionnaire

06 January 2010

More Swimming News

Today 6 January
6 laps walking, 15 laps swimming. Yay!

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01 January 2010

Microphone tip

This may apply to some hearing aids as well - I don't know

With your Cochlear Implant, freedom style you may have received an extension lapel microphone.

Here's a technique I have found to be quite handy, when out in the backyard - against cicadas, birds aeroplanes, wind and background noise.

Connect the lapel microphone to your speech processor - get your audiologist to show you if you don't know how.

Using a piece of velcro or sticky tape attach the microphone body to a chopstick on bamboo skewer, say 30cm long.

Now you can 'interview' your guests - this puts the microphone closer to them by 0.5m. I find the 'noise reduction' setting to be the most effective.

Also - too much wind? In the TV/video industry they use a fluffy microphone called a 'dead cat'. They don't exist in the size we need - 1cm x 2cm.

I have used a spectacle soft drawstring bag to good effect and will try a finger from a children's glove. This will fit better and be less cumbersome.

More tips as they come to hand...