26 March 2010

ReMap #2

Today was my second tune-up for the new implant.
We also did the original one considering that they are both now working in sort-of unison. I say sort-of because at times I hear two of everything not just one as I know you natural-hearing people take for granted.

What an amazing thing is natural hearing! What an amazing thing is cochlear-assisted hearing. Amazing.

With the new implant I got a snazzy yet bewildering remote control. It took me half an hour to work out that the battery was flat! There was a symbol on the little screen which doesn't appear in the book!

- iP

22 March 2010

Monday 22 March

Today I had to wear number one without number two for five minutes - I can’t believe how bad it sounded. And that’s the one I relied on 100% for 18 months until 10 days ago!! This means the brain is recognising the two together [but I’m still hearing double-sounds] and will continue to improve I think.

19 March 2010

Second implant, first tune-up

Well after a major trudge to Gladesville [two buses, arrived early] I met with Carol, not my usual audiologist but capable and friendly nonetheless.

After a bit of tweaking [I dont think thats the technical term], did the sentences recognition test and achieved a result of [wait for it] [drum roll] 98%. The only error was a sentence about buying a house, not my forte. [Last visit we had to stop the word test, giggling too much - everyone sounded like Katherine Hepburn and I was replying, while impersonating Katherine Hepburn. Scored pretty well otherwise, after consideration the video umpire [yes it's coming soon]]

So now, volume is up a bit more, Carol said this re-map is quite different to the initial setup, so now we're on the way!

After the appointment I made a trip to town [bus] and the noise - you had to see it to believe it!!

14 March 2010

First test

Well Saturday night in Auburnon. Turkish restaurant. It was LOUD as usual. I used my microphone on processor #1. I think it was just too loud.

In the car home I think the dual processors helped.

Still getting over the new dizziness.

- iP

11 March 2010

Switch-on #2

Well it's taken me seven years to get it together but here is the movie, as put together, for the switch-on from March 2010. My second implant.

Spencer Tracy, get out of my dressing room!

What a day!

The grey day started with the collection of my father from hospital after an overnight stay. Not good, but we're not talking about that here.

We headed to Gladesville a little early to start the video footage [movie in production, be patient]

07 March 2010

Dizziness fading

Well I think it's finally fading. I was able to be in a noisy environment today with no after-effect.
Still wasn't comfortable to drive so la chauffeuse continued her duty. Maybe tomorrow. I'm actually enjoying being on the buses although I seem to have to hang on more than previous.

Started a(nother) new blog. I'm going to add a picture a day if I can.
Have a look at

- iP

04 March 2010

This time next week

Implant number 2 will have been installed and activated.
The mapping (personalised settings) will have been set.
The movie footage will have been shot. Editing and captioning will be underway.

At the moment I visualise my range of hearing as about 150 degrees (from 12 o'clock to 5 o'clock or so)
I'm expecting the new device to fill in at least part of the circle. Another 150 degrees would be good.
The cochDoc thinks implant number 2 might produce more/better quality hearing than the first one.
That'd be good.

- iP