21 December 2016


I used to accept comments here, but in the past year this blog has been inundated with silly comments, and unwarranted advertising. Try as I might I find the restrictions too hard to manage - if I open it, I get rubbish.
So it is closed. 

10 November 2016

Blind Sac right side

When I was implanted the first time it was determined that progress would go like this
  • Implant the right [Oct 2008]
  • Perform a blind sac operation on the left, which was the worst side,
    with necrotic tissue [Aug 2009]
  • Implant the left [Feb 2010]

Now I'm 8 massive years past initial implantation and the right side is finally getting a blind sac. There's a new cochlear doc, the older one is retired, but he's very confident and I have confidence in his ability.

Here's a pic [slight gore alert]

In the picture the dark area to the lower right is my right ear drum. The horizontal structure in the centre from the left edge is the visible implant cable coming from the coil [under my scalp] going to the cochlea. Amazing, but you shouldn't be able to see it. It's because the flesh is retreating, and this is not good.

So surgery tentatively scheduled for January 2017.