20 May 2013

Five Years re-Hearing

That's right

A few milestones coming up.
June 10 [or 13**] it'll be 11 years since I finished cancer treatment. That seems like sooooo long ago.

July 31 is the day I woke up deaf, this year is the fifth anniversary. Of course this led to being fitted with these devices and amazingly entitled me to the title "cyborg" [Thanx Michael Chorost!]. On the one hand it seems like only yesterday, but on the other, I've been using them forever, seems so natural.

Here's the original letter link - http://ilsordo.blogspot.com.au/2008/02/original-letter-to-friends-clients-and.html

Michael Chorost
Check out the books - very interesting

** Postscript - It was actually Monday 10 June 2002. Confirmed. In concrete. That's it.


In October it will be five years since the first wondrous device was jammed inside the right side of my head.