08 March 2009

The Song - Announcement

By the way...
No correspondence will be entered into regarding the award of any prizes, other than passing on congratulations to the winner. Comment below if you like.

So, there were 35 entries.
There were many songs I have never heard of - hopefully I will hear and recognise them later...
I'd like to be able to include them but these are out of contention.

There were songs I know which would be too jangly. Thing is, with this implant business, I hear differently to you natural-hearing people.

The killer songs were [based on my memory]
Hallelujah, nominated by a few people, a few anonymous. This is such a beautiful song and there is a version by a woman singer [not kd lang] that is in my mind but I don't know who she is
Moon River by Audrey Hepburn [Breakfast at Tiffany's soundtrack]. Such a naive and charming rendition.
Over the Rainbow a terrific song
God Only Knows - Beach Boys
Ave Maria - a real religious song. Difficult to sing and give the song its due.

Nick Cave had a large following but he leaves me cold. Maybe when I can hear them...
TV themes - you folks know my failings. Not right for this exercise I'm afraid.
Frank Zappa - you sure about that?
Beatles - not quite right for this

OK the winner is...
Hallelujah, a Leonard Cohen song, popularised by Jeff Buckley and also sung by that anonymous woman [one day], and loads of others.
Nominated by AM of the Eastern Suburbs
Congratulations, AM! [Crowd roaring]

Thanx to everyone who nominated songs - it has been a very interesting exercise.

02 March 2009

2 March

Went to the CochDoc today - starting the process for implant number 2.
Before the implant can proceed I need a procedure called a "Blind Sac Procedure". 

Since treatment in 2002 [radio and chemotherapy] the structures within my ears have been affected - one outcome is bone necrosis. The risk with the necrosis is that infection will be able to take hold. The Blind Sac procedure seals the area and makes it less-susceptible to infection.
The procedure will happen in August.

Then, once all that has had a chance to recover we'll be investigating the next cochlear implant...