27 February 2010

Sounds of Summer

Rainbow Lorikeets
Birds generally
Aeroplanes when I'm in the

TV ads, louder than the program
OK Thats it

26 February 2010

Spammers beware

I know most of you are nice people, and that some of you have a hearing-impairment.
C'est la Vie.

There is however one among our number who has decided to take it upon him or herself to post messages of hope. Those messages contain links to other websites which are somewhat unsavoury.

You might ask why someone would take it upon themselves to do that. Why would they willingly vandalise someone's blog which is only really here for the amusement, information and community for deaf people the world over. I don't know either.

Rest assured, should it happen again they will be reported to the Blogger admin, who I'm sure look upon this kind of activity not very favourably.
Right now, I know they look like they are posting from the United States but I'm sure that that can be faked. They could be posting from anywhere in the world. The postings are made in chinese but that doesn't mean the poster is chinese.

For now, I won't be turning off the ability to post a comment but I will be leaving moderation firmly ON.

25 February 2010

CochDoc says

Today was the post-op visit to the surgeon.
Apparently all went well and the dizziness, often more severe with the implant in the second ear, should subside soon, and probably before switch-on in, just 2 weeks away.
He expects the performance of implant #2 [tested while I was in the operation] to be better than #1 where there was more nerve damage. And the two should work well together.

Swimming should be OK as soon as I'm comfortable
a- getting to the pool/beach
b- not drowning

If I'm still dizzy at switch-on time I should return.

- iP

23 February 2010

Transport in Sydney

You may know that the Premier has announced a new transport plan for Sydney.
There is a page set up for comments [need to sign up]

Have your say
Here’s the transport page link

I haven't seen anything on there about hearing-impaired facilities but here's hoping

20 February 2010


It's a pleasant enough day today. The parrots are frolicking in the trees outside. Still dizzy but not as bad as Friday. That was bad.
Funny thing - when I was dizzy in treatment I had nausea as a result. This is dizziness without nausea. I'll put it down to different cause/effect.

- iP

19 February 2010

One word


- iP

17 February 2010

After the op

Here's a pic taken in the Recovery Ward. Still alive, head spinning slightly. Throat very dry from local anaesthetic and still on a drip, saline. Had a little nose-bleed probably from the tube they pushed down there.

Good thing I did all that swimming - given me a bit of strength against the surgical onslaught I think.

Light on not many home

Do this side 

At home, three weeks 'til switch-on
Ahhhh there's the switch now

16 February 2010


Yep at 6:30 am tomorrow I'll be wheeled in and away we go. The operation will last about 15 seconds from my point-of-view. Several hours from your point-of-view.

I won't be able to hear any better until SWITCH-ON in a couple of weeks. Even then it remains to be seen/heard.

So be in touch - I can still do email and monitor comments. Let me hear YOUR news!

13 February 2010

Cinema Access Saturday

On Saturday 13 February a group of about fifty from all walks of life gathered to protest the lack of accessible cinema sessions in Australia.
We gathered at the cinema complex in George St 'Events', formerly Hoyts.
They were joined in other cities across the country.

Here are some pics from the Sydney group [clicking the image to go the album and see larger ones]

From Blog Pics

11 February 2010

Action on Cinema Access

There's action brewing in response to the cinema chains wanting to shirk their responsibility with regard to access to cinemas for hearing-impaired and other people.

Protest on Saturday 13 February
The Sydney protest is scheduled for 11am at 525 George St - the cinema complex.
Other locations on the Facebook page - http://tinyurl.com/deafaction10

Here's the post

Attend your local protest in each of the following capital cities on
Saturday 13 February at 11am, local time:

On the street infront of Greater Union Cinema, 131 Russell St, Melbourne

In the Queen Street Mall outside 167 Queen Street

On the street in front of 181 Collins St, Hobart

On the street in front of 525 George St, Sydney

On the street in front of Millenium Hoyts, 8 William Street, Fremantle

On the street in front of Wallis Piccadilly, 181 O’Connell St, Nth Adelaide 

Need to write a letter? Check -  this link - draft letter in doc, text and pdf formats

10 February 2010

Date confirmed

Have now received the letter with the details, so it's all go for 17 February

- iP

07 February 2010


I hear the train a'comin

- iP

06 February 2010

Audioloop at the Museum of Sydney

Last night I visited the Museum of Sydney (for a slideshow on Gardens of Spain)

The telecoil and audioloop setup in the AGL theatre worked perfectly - the best I've ever experienced!
The speaker was easily understandable, and not once did I feel the need for captions.

03 February 2010


See  upcoming events in the Calendar, now online

22 October 2018
10 years a CIborg!!

28 June 2018
Visit to Vincent Van Gogh museum Amsterdam

7 February 2017
Switch-on Number 3

20 January 2017
Blind Sac right side, implant upgrade

September 2016
Joined research study

March 2015
Upgrade for the left side, to N6

12 November 2013
5 years since 1st switch-on

20 October 2013
5 years since first implant operation

31 July 2013
5 years since I woke-up deaf

May 2013
Upgrade for the right side, to N6

10 or 13 June 2012
10 years past treatment - Head and Neck Surgeon doesn't want to see me again!

11 March 2010
Switch-on Number 2!!

17 February 2010
Second implant operation

17 February 2010
Second implant due
August 2009
Blind Sac operation, in preparation for number 2
July 2009
Overseas travel with a CI. Round-the-World! Thanx for nothing American Airlines!
12 November 2008 9:30am
22 October
Cochlear Implant operation
20 October
Peri-operative testing, RPA
3 October
Meet with Cochlear Implant recipient

19 September
Initial meeting, Audiologist at SCIC HQ
20 August
Initial appointment, Cochlear specialist

7 August
No change, referred to Cochlear specialist

1 August
Steroid injection through eardrum

31 July
I woke with no hearing

before 2008
Diagnosis and treatment, Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma

Acme Computer founded

My first blocked Eustachian tubes

1 August 1978
First Cochlear Implant implanted [not mine]

02 February 2010

News Just In

I have been advised today that my second implant will be implanted on Wednesday, 17 February 2010. At RPAH.

Gifts and floral tributes should be presented to those closest to you, or even those not very close, say in Haiti.

This is exciting!