11 January 2009

Tune-up #4

So I have had re-mapping [I call them tune-ups] number 4 on the 8th January. The settings I have settled onto are now arranged thusly
1General PurposeThis is the setting that is on when I turn on the device. I use it for general day-to-day listening.
2General + TelecoilThis is the same as #1 telecoil is on as well. This allows me to hear something on the phone but also in the nearby environment. So I can speak to someone on the phone and someone nearby too.
3TVThis is meant for watching television with but I find TV noisy and annoying. I prefer subtitles/captions I think.
NoisyThis one is for noisy situations. However the situations I find myself in are SO noisy I asked Monica to turn it down. It's not an antidote for aeroplanes and traffic
TelecoilPhoneThis setting is for standard [not mobiles or cordless] and at the movies. Theoretically it's able to be used at banks and other counters where the coil is in use but I ain't found none.

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