23 October 2009

One year down, on 22 October

Can you believe it? I can't

It is now one year since the implant was implanted.

It has been a big year
  • Seven years and counting past treatment, no other news, which is good news
  • Switch-on of the cochlear implant
  • Speech-Reading
  • Appointed to the Better Hearing Committee
  • Let my house, living under the Reign of Tok
  • Made more pasta, more culinary triumphs
  • 'Round the world again [#4]
  • Finally got back to Europe - that's another blog. [highlights - Assisi, Paris]
  • San Francisco again [The coldest winter I ever spent was summer in SF. Mark Twain was right]
  • Sold my car - where are the smaller cheaper cars?
  • More blogging
  • Had too much time off

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