08 August 2008

Cone of Tinnitus

Many of my contacts were shocked when I told them about my tinnitus not diminishing with the onset of deafness.

Tinnitus is the perception of sound [wikipedia] in the ear in the absence of corresponding external sound. Chemotherapy is mentioned as a possible cause.

My tinnitus, and it is mine all mine - you can't hear what I can, is an incredible phenomenon.
I have a range of sounds, different sounds at different times, sometimes one at a time, mostly several at a time.
I've had Parisienne ambulances - you have heard those brilliant trumpets while eating a baguette in the Luxembourg Gardens. Yes you have.
I have
  • James Bond theme music
  • movie soundtracks, multi-track with percussion, horns and strings, over and over. Wish I knew which movie
  • wah-wah guitars
  • little brass bells
  • taps dripping in the next room into a half-full bathtub
  • something in time with my pulse, whooshing
  • other percussion

Of course it may be the absence of hearing real sound which has allowed the tinnitus to come to the foreground.

Is it annoying? You bet - sometimes it wakes me up. I wish it would just shut the f*#% up!!

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