09 August 2008

The Critics are Raving

Here's what the critics haven't said about the blockbuster new blog "Curse of Silence"

Condi, I got it! That Bud Abbott guy in Orstraya, says Hu's the President of China! - GWBush
[Earlier] That's right, Lou [Costello]. What's this blog on second and I got no freakin' idea what's on third. Have we told you we love you? - TAbbott, MP
Mr President, what's a blarg? - CRice
Should I stay or should I go? Ego is not a dirty word! - PCostello, p/t MP
No all you scumbags got it all wrong! I'm on first treasurer in the World, Costello's in the Land of the Fairies, MadMonk is on second, never to progress. Bush and Rice, YOU're on third waiting for the bus if you had enough brain between you!! PKeating#1 Treasurer, Placido Domingo Society

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