08 August 2008


This blog has two mascots
They are


This longhaired tuxedo cat lives in Annandale Street Annandale. He sits on cars. Not just cars, but trucks, trailers and scooters if there's one handy.
He's been out there so long the fur has changed from lustrous black to almost sun-bleached blonde.
It's a different car every day and he's stretched out in a most luxurious way if he's warm enough.
He has an accomplice known as the DSH [domestic shorthair] tuxedo. Sometimes they sit on a car each - don't want to get too crowded!
On cloudy or rainy days poor Chubbs is inside watching TV.

The other Mascot is the Butcher Bird
[known locally as the Higgledy-Piggledy bird]
There has been at least one family of Butcher Birds living in the park near my place since 2002. It is one of the sounds of my locale that means "home". They have a very melodic song, the kind of thing you might mindlessly hum or whistle as you go about your daily business. They sing to each other - one calls and the other responds. Sometimes they'd respond to me [I think] if I could whistle closely enough to the their call. I've heard them all around Sydney and elsewhere and the songs are different for each group. Beautiful. I wouldn't mind hearing them again one day.
Australian Museum Birds in Backyards page
[© Photo: K Vang and W Dabrowka Australian Museum]
Wikipedia link

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