14 August 2008

How to Subscribe

Use the RSS, Luke!
You don't need to keep coming back here to check if I've written anything new. Let your computer do the walking...

Here's how

Subscribe to the RSS feed [or Atom]
Mac OSX10.5
Mail [click]
OSX 10.4 users - use Safari, won't work in Mail, or Firefox not available in Entourage or Internet Explorer in Mac-Land

Macs and those other machines

Firefox [click]
Safari [click]

PCs only

Internet Explorer [click]
Outlook pre-2007 [click]
Outlook 2007 [click]


On the Mozilla group you can also install RSS plugins - mini add-ons which enhance the functionality and allow you to subscribe and view the feeds in your browser. Too many to go into here. They all work the same way. Locate the feed address, bookmark it and then the computer checks for updates on a regular basis. I've tried a couple an Sage works pretty well, if you think you need to something other than the built-in options.
Plug-ins for Firefox are available [here]. Follow the instructions to install.

Still Looking?

Search Google for "RSS reader" sites for the lists of RSS aggregators. Take your pick!
Good thing about the Mozilla based ones - they're ranked by popularity and other factors.

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