27 October 2008

After Switch-on

In the quest for maximum input for the recipient the SCIC people have already scheduled me for a series of appointments, starting with the 'Switch-on', which is just about as ceremonial as one can get!
Only thing missing is a certificate or TShirts [hmmm business opportunity brewing].
They encourage you to have your relatives on-site when the initial activation occurs, and as with so much of the stuff, encourage you to fully-inform [I mean fully] of the activities you're about to undertake.
I can see how the initial Switch-on could be a very emotional time. I'm prepared for the inevitable tears. And I think I won't be the only one bawling my eyes out either. [Should that be neither? Hmm, maybe a double-negative on the 'won't']
Anyway, so we have Switch-on on 12 November as previously-mentioned. That'll be the most emotional part, although I can think of other emotional parts - first hearing of butcher birds, your voice, surf, music, the iPhone [I've yet to hear one ring]. So please excuse any lacrimonious lapses should they occur.
After that, there's appointments set for weeks 1, 2, 4, 8 and 12. The 6 monthly and yearly reviews. Talk about thorough.

So that's the next six months taken care of - tweaking the settings and other SCIC activities, lip-reading, and doing the blog. Who has any more time?!

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