30 October 2008

Splendid Isolation

Well here we are again in the isolation tank.

What you been doing today, anything? Me neither.
Been scrabbling a bit, I mean Lexulousing [boo hiss Hasbro!] during this period of convalescence. Bit of reading, a LOT of blogging, what with the Curse, AcmeNews [due any day now], Carcinoma diary [updated for Cochlear]. Poor old MyRecipes is feeling a bit left out! Maybe next week.

So the GP checked the wound yesterday - nice and dry. Little bit of dizziness today. Not so much that the boat is sailing the bounding vein but more like the plane is navigating in a strong headwind. 

And the inevitable lethargy. Went out this morning, just to get out, get the mail, maybe have a cuppa at NortyPlaza or lunch. Had to come back. This operation has been different from others. Longer, so maybe the anaesthetic has taken a greater toll and there's more damage, what with tonsils in the way, bruising.

If the weather picks up tomorrow [Friday, rumoured to be 36C] maybe 'Sculpture by the Sea' maybe see you there! Otherwise might get some pics - material for the next instalment...

Good Night!   

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