06 November 2008

I have a lump

Don't Worry!
The lump is the implanted piece behind my ear, which feeds via wire to the piece implanted within my right cochlea. It is the audio processor, sometimes called speech processor.

Recovery from the anaesthetic took about a week and still dealing with the physical damage.
Swelling seems to be all but gone, have a bit of wooziness whenever I need to bend down or walk anywhere. It's like someone else is steering sometimes. I have to lean on a non-movable object to reset sometimes. I've done a minimal bit of work [thanx Gillian] but don't think I can be trusted just yet. 
Still in self-imposed quarantine - have a cold? Stay Away!!

Now I'm looking forward to next Wednesday - 'Switch-on'. The sceptic in me debates how good it'll be with the positive feedback coming from all parties - too much discussion. Let's hope it's as good as it can be! And realistic hearing the result.

Nearly forgot the tinnitus - still there, still entertaining. For the past few days this week I've had an Elvis song [mostly the backing tracks] playing. Over and over. Just about sing along with it, but can't quite hear the words…

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