15 November 2008

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The deadline has come and gone and here are the results, put through the Acme magnifying glass. It was nice to see that the most popular entry was "I'm subscribed and hanging on every post". I hope that wasn't just the donkeys voting.
Also the vast majority of respondents were positive - negatives aren't going to vote, let alone read the blog. Boo, hiss on those negatives.

Even so, THANK YOU to all the respondents!

Although the poll has closed feel free to add a comment as time progresses - Google users can do so using their Google username/password. All and Non-Google users can continue to use this Poll page. I will be notified of all messages received in the system.

Results of the Access Poll as of 6pm 14 November

Overall a reasonable result although I wish there were a few more entries

Of the entries received there were
100% positive
• I'm subscribed and hanging on every post - 45.45%
• I might read it I might not - 9.09%

Of all the entries
Standard, selected entries - 54.55%
'Other' Entries - 45.45%

The Call for Nominations song poll is still open and will remain so until I think I'm ready to attempt to hear music - thats a big step!

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