25 November 2008

Tune-up, the second

Well after three days using the setting from the first tune-up, the second tune-up came around and off we went again.
As I write this it is clearer - I can hear someone in the other room and it isn't tinnitus!!

Now I'm looking into health insurance so that I can get a second implant to re-activate hearing in the left ear. It's been out of action for over a year, so require a bit more training than the right one. But if the results are as good, or even not as good as the right one, I kind of have to do it.

Imagine what it's like in a mono world - sometimes I cant hear from which direction sound is coming. I can hear it but look the other way.
Sometimes it's like there's a wall running along the middle of me head - I can hear stuff on the right but everything on the left is muffled/blank.

So we start along the path to number two...

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