06 November 2008


Cochlear contacts so far
well Rick has his own entry [Hi Rick] earlier in the blog.

As of now [6 November] I've also met two, maybe three recipients at the speech-reading class [Better Hearing Australia at Concord, mondays] [Hi to all the gang there!!]

Today I also chatted [Skype] with another contact - Felicity in Adelaide. She manages the webpages for the Cochlear Awareness Network. You can read her story on their website. She was deaf for a long time before the implant was recommended and the op done just a few years ago. Her story is very touching, but a real triumph over adversity.

Coming up
I have initiated contact to meet the deaf-from-birth child and father trumpet duo. The go-between has been alerted and contact will be established at some point in the next month or so. Watch the blog!

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